Media Guidelines

Media Guidelines



Media Submission Guidelines

We are passionate about showcasing your horse in a manner that will not only attract potential buyers, but the right potential buyers. We understand that to grab buyers’ attention,  you must showcase your horse in the best possible way. With this information in mind, we have set guidelines for all media submissions.

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Submission Guidelines

  • Photo must have high enough resolution to where it is not pixelated when expanded to fit within a 1080px frame
  • The environment around the horse must be clean and free of distracting objects. For example: buckets, feeders, trailers, stalls, trash, manure, tied to fence/trailer/post/stall, etc. 
  • Horse must be dry, clean, and groomed (free of tail bags, mane bags, or any other product attachments).
  • Horse must assume a proper stance for profile shot; Side Profile, ¾ Profile Shots 
  • Action photo or photo including rider must be professionally taken and produced. 
  • Horse must be stood up with proper head placement and must not eating, tied to stall, fence posts, trailer, etc.
  • The entire horse must be within the view of the parameters of the photo. 
  • Use of a properly fitting halter.  
  • There must be no objects obstructing or anything interfering with a clear view of the horse. For example: horse holder, lead rope, fencing, etc. 
  • Clear visibility of legs. 
  • Watermarks are allowed on photos.  Additional text on photos will not be accepted. 
  • There must be no movement that interferes with the quality of the photo unless it is an action shot. For example, swishing of the tail / foot movement while the photo was taken.  
  • Horse must be free of sweat and sweat marks unless it is an action shot. 
  • If horse is saddled, saddle and pad must be clean, non-distracting, and free of product attachments such as whips, rope/bridle holders, etc. 
  • Photos must be free of color filters and vignettes. Photos should also be free of other edits, such as, removal of lead rope, people, background, or any objects. Also If not taken by a professional, please submit raw unedited photos.
  • iPhone photos are accepted if they meet the requirements listed above. 
  • Collage photos will not be accepted. It must be a single photo. 
  • Screenshots of images will not be accepted. Screenshots distorts and affects image quality. 
  • Action shots are accepted but must be a professionally produced photo. 
  • Professionally taken, edited, and produced photos are encouraged and welcomed.

It is at the discretion of The Premier Horse on what submissions will be accepted. 



Not Accepted